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How to Shorten Tapered Table Legs

This page links to my new blog - Garden Full of Dreams.  There you will find the table shortening post in its entirety plus some updates.

Several years ago, we purchased one of those trendy counter-top height tables.  I really like the table.  It has a butterfly leaf that hides in the center.  Unfortunately, now that we have small children, what seemed like a good idea at the time is all of a sudden become a safety hazard....

Painting Stripes? Here is How to Get the Perfect Edge. 

Painting stripes and other designs on walls that resemble wall paper is all the rage now and the effect can be quite dramatic if done correctly.  I learned this technique from my own Mom...

Build Your Own Privacy Fence 
Detailed instructions on how to save money building your own privacy fence

Organize Your Linen Closet - Purge Project #1

 Before and after pictures of our big linen closet makeover.


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